hi, i’m taylor nichols

I love real, open, raw conversations about life.  

My life and story have been dramatically impacted through heartfelt, honest conversations – the good, the bad, the hard, the easy, and everything in between. I’m known for asking hard questions, bringing up uncomfortable topics, and engaging the messy parts of life and relationships. Some people seem to think it’s a superpower and others an absolute curse- but it feels totally normal to me!

I grew up in a black and white, wrong or right environment that never quite sat right with my soul, so… I asked questions, A LOT of them. And, every answer taught me something, helped me grow, and developed the values I live my life by to this day.

The hubs and I live in Austin, Texas with our four kiddos, two dogs, and an endless amount of crazy chaotic joy. Our family is made up of our two boys, Zane (8) and Gage (6)  and our newest additions, “the girls,” Emerson Hope (November 2017) and London Joy (October 2018). Yep, you calculated correctly, that is two girls in 11 months! We are learning what it means to make the most of life amidst the comedy routine that is life with four kids!