If you are looking for someone to be honest, raw, and real

-count me in.

I am passionate about creating a space where it is safe to talk about the hard parts of life together and I want to empower people to show up as their raw and honest self.

I’m not afraid to speak the hard truth in the scary and dark parts of life because this is what has helped me survive the storms.  For me, this is the only way I know how to grow. Unless we go there together, we cannot grow there, so my heart is to encourage you to go there, stay there, and grow from there!

My prayer is that through sharing my heart, my story, my struggles, and my fears you will be encouraged to step into the battles you face with a sense of confidence. My hope is that you will not just survive the storm, but rather that you will thrive IN the storm.


Kinship Summit

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Podcast

Zeta Austin Chapter


MOMS – Mommies Of Minis

Taylor has an incredible way of inviting women into a space that is safe and leading them to a deeper understanding of who God is and how He sees them.


Jenn Jett

speaker at Jenn Jett and founder of The Well Studio & Camp Well

Taylor doesn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff, she goes deep, fast and with great intention. Her heartbeat races to see women align their lives with the truth. So, basically, she’s a liberator. She sets women free. And I love watching her engage her audience, tell a good story and point women to Jesus. 


Kat Armstrong

Author of No More Holding Back and Executive Director of Polished Ministries 

If you want to make a safe space to be real together, I want to help you in that journey.  I would love to connect with you about speaking at your next event. 

We hire Taylor each year for a training program for college sophomores who are preparing to mentor freshman. She is truly one of the highlights of our entire program each year and the girls look forward to seeing her speak. Taylor provides them with valuable examples, suggestions, stories and action items to bring into they’re new relationships. She is fantastic at understanding her audience and how to deliver the information to them effectively while keeping them engaged AND making it fun. Thank you Taylor!


Diana Skellenger 

owner of Skellyhome