This week’s conversation is one I feel extremely humbled to share with you today. I’m talking with my dear friend Cassie Carrigan. Cassie is licensed professional counselor, and also holds a masters in Biblical Studies. She works as a professional counselor in Colorado Springs where she lives with her husband Geoff and their children, Adleigh and Ryker. She is a living, breathing example of what it looks like to walk through unthinkable circumstances with courage and love. 

Today, she shares with us the journey of burying her daughter Radiance and her son Caleb less than twelve months apart. Cassie’s bravery and willingness to share this conversation from the middle of her own grief journey leaves me holding so much admiration and respect for her and inspires me to continue showing up in the hard and scary places in my own life. 

There is so much wisdom shared throughout our conversation about grief, loss, acceptance and of navigating the murky waters that accompany them all. Cassie shares in detail what her precious son, Caleb, taught her in the 26 days he was here on this earth, and the legacy he leaves behind. I will be forever astounded by her continual faith even when she doesn’t get the answers she so desperately wants.  Cassie says that she constantly chooses hope, and continues to pray that her story of experiencing incredible sorrow may one day lead her to a place where she can experience a deeper joy than ever before.


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