Do any of y’all have that friend that you could just sit across the table with and talk to them for hours on end? That’s who Cheryl Luke is to me. A voice of wisdom and grace, she simply radiates joy to those around her. Cheryl is a Pastor at Shoreline Church, a place she has lovingly called “home” for over 30 years now. A speaker, writer, and coach, Cheryl is committed to helping people live a life of intention, connection and emotional health through embracing their stories and engaging God’s love in every aspect of their journey. She tours the country leading workshops with Celebrate Recovery, a program she also attributes much of her personal healing to! Also, she recently launched a podcast called The Mosaic Life, and you can check out a sweet conversation we shared on that right here!

Today, Cheryl walks us through the elements of her personal story and childhood that changed and shaped her life for forever. She shares how she went from feeling like she was the light in her parents life, to thinking she was too much and not enough all at the same time when her parents got divorced. She tells about the impact her mother had on her life by encouraging her to talk about her emotions and to know God first and people second. Cheryl vividly recalls her Mother’s strength in raising her and her 3 siblings alone, while battling cancer, all while also being intentional to ensure they knew their heavenly Father was watching over them for their every need.  

Cheryl graciously leads me through a conversation about racism and the ways she has experienced it in her life. She illuminates the importance of having these difficult conversations with our peers, our family, and our children, in order to change the narrative that is still a part of our culture today. Cheryl opens up about how she’s been very hurt by people, but how she has chosen to press forward and what that has done to create healing in her life. She shares how the church has been a place of hurt and healing for her over the years and talks about how she looks back and sees that working at the church was a pivotal part of her healing journey, especially when she felt wounded and wanted to walk away, but had to stay because it was her job! It’s a tender view into the ways we all learn and grow in the midst of some of our greatest challenges. I hope if you have experienced any type of church pain or family pain, that this conversation will encourage you that healing is possible and will serve as a reminder that you are deeply loved! 

Cheryl is a true example of trusting God when things are difficult. I hope this conversation will be a source of encouragement for you today as we are all navigating somewhat difficult, unknown and new ways of living during this pandemic. And, as we’re slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, may we be reminded to not lose sight of the perspectives and insights we have encountered along the way.

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