Today’s conversation is with my friend, Natalie Green. Natalie is an incredible mom who entered into motherhood in a way that some might see as unique or out of the ordinary. In this episode, we talk about her experience with adoption & fertility treatments as a single woman, the support she received from her family, and how her faith has emboldened her to continue to take brave steps forward in all areas of life. We also talk a lot about her job through Africa New Life and how her decision to sponsor a child has added to her family. Natalie’s story is such an encouragement to all of us to walk forward fearlessly in the dreams that we have for our life.

Born and raised in Texas, Natalie Green is a connector of people & lover of Jesus.  Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences, she taught 4th grade in Austin and worked for five years in project management on Wall Street in New York City, before transitioning to work with Africa New Life in 2009.

Today, Natalie is Director of Strategic Partnership for Africa New Life and is based in Austin, Texas. She has spent the past decade building Africa New Life’s major programs, partnerships, and funding networks in the United States. Rwanda is her second home as she has taken more than twenty-five trips to “the land of a thousand hills”, leading hundreds of donors and sponsors on visits to Rwanda alongside her Rwandan colleagues.

Natalie is also a Director of Beautycounter, a Certified Benefit Corporation leading the way to better beauty, putting performance and health first.

Her greatest adventure, without doubt, has been her journey to motherhood. Natalie lives in Round Rock with her two little boys, Jude and Hayes, four blocks away from her beloved parents. Jude’s claim to fame in kindergarten is that he has been to Rwanda five times. Hayes took his first steps in Rwanda last summer. The boys adore their big brother, former Rwandan sponsored student Cyusa Lionel, who is currently attending university at Warner Pacific in Portland, Oregon. Her guilty pleasures are long, hot baths, ordering room service coffee when traveling & Sunday strolls in the West Village neighborhood of New York City




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