Today on the show, I am talking with my friend Amy Gayhart. Amy is a Wife, a Mother, a Friend, an Advocate, and a Leader. While she may be best known as a Special Needs Mama to her 16-year old daughter, Mabry, behind the scenes she holds the hearts of her 2 rambunctious boys, 14-year-old Jack and 9-year-old Slater. In the midst of her helping all three of her kids find their voice and live into their giftings, Amy is also the Executive Director of Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding and Respite – a Therapeutic Community for Children and Adults with Special Needs. Today we will talk about her daughter’s diagnosis, the fears she faces when it comes to Mabry’s future, and why she decided to start sharing it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly. We discuss the grief she has experienced throughout & she shares how others can help families with special needs.  She also shares about her work with Blue Sky & why they started The Abled Movement to help raise awareness and support. Amy is one of those people who walked into my heart and settled in for life. She is funny, caring, smart and what you see is what you get with her. If she ever has any free time, you can find Amy watching re-runs of Golden Girls, reading a book, or hanging out with her Super cool Husband, John!




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