Today is a really special day… it’s our fifteen year wedding anniversary and today’s guest is my husband David Nichols! I am so excited to introduce you to the man I call my husband, the one who sees me at my worst and loves me as though I’m at my best, who holds me together when I am falling apart and tenderly calls me back to the work of becoming when I feel overwhelmed.

I respect him beyond words and feel so incredibly humbled that we were both just young and dumb enough to jump into this adventure together when we did. I’m also just as thankful that we are both as stubborn and bull-headed as we are to keep waking up and working on this thing called marriage together every day.

On today’s episode, we talk about what the last fifteen years have looked like for us, what we are facing in this season of marriage and what we hope to work on in ourselves and in our marriage over the next fifteen years! This episode is an honest and real look at my life with Dave Nichols!

David is a Texas A&M Graduate and Licensed Professional Engineer. His entrepreneurial spirit and talent to simplify complex processes led him to open Nichols Engineering in 2013 – an engineering firm dedicated to changing the world one building at a time. He is a process development junkie and automation expert who is constantly looking for ways to streamline the things he has to do in order to create more time for the things he really wants to do, like travel. In the evenings you will find him shooting hoops with the boys while toting a baby on his back or juggling the kids while enjoying his favorite playlist blaring through the speakers. His weekends are where he unwinds best, enjoying time with family, floating on a body of water or watching one of his favorite reality TV shows about living off the grid in Alaska.

David is a dedicated father who selflessly serves, leads by example, and is committed to helping his children grow into their God-given gifts and personalities. One of the things I respect most about my husband is his willingness and ability to evolve in all aspects of his life. Dave is continually looking for ways to grow and become a more grounded version of himself. He is the most loyal man I know and I am humbled daily by the honor of being his wife – even on the days when we really get under one another’s skin!




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