Today’s conversation is with my dear friend, Nick. It is a conversation that I’ve been wanting to have since I first started dreaming about Speak Life. On this episode, Nick shares his story about when he first starting using alcohol & prescription medication as a coping mechanism to deal with social anxiety and to try and mask feelings of inadequacy when it came to being seen as “the cool guy” in college. In the conversation, we acknowledge the difference between prescription pills being something that is meant to help you and something that becomes an addiction to mask pain or feelings that you are avoiding. Nick also shares about how his addiction impacted his family and the cycle of shame he found himself in. He gives insight into his experience with AA, how he engages with that shame now, and what it looks like to walk well with someone struggling with addiction.

A University of Texas graduate, Nick has navigated a successful career in the tech Industry for over twenty years. He is a devoted husband to his wife Kelly and loving father to his boys, Roman and Nickson. Nick loves coaching his son’s sports teams, practicing his swing at the golf course, and enjoying time on the lake with his family. He recently celebrated his three year sobriety anniversary and is passionate about helping others find freedom and healing from addiction and dependency.

I have had the privilege of calling Nick and his wife friends for somewhere close to nine years now and we have lived a lot of life together. Witnessing his journey to sobriety has been incredibly inspirational and encouraging. Seeing first hand what his decision to become sober has done for him and his family still brings me to tears. It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been quick, but it has been SO worth it. Wherever you fit into this conversation, I pray that our conversation leaves you encouraged and provides insight into your life and the lives of those around you.

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