This week’s guest is my friend, Kat Armstrong, who hails from Houston, TX where the humidity constantly ruins her curls. Kat is a powerful voice in our generation as an innovative ministry leader, sought-after communicator, Bible teacher and new author to her book “No More Holding Back.” As the co-founder of Polished Ministries, an outreach that gathers young professional women to navigate career and explore faith together, she is invested in the lives of women eager to learn about how the scriptures are relevant to their everyday lives. She has a master’s from Dallas Seminary and is a leading force in women’s ministry today. She and her husband Aaron have been married for seventeen years, and live in Dallas, TX with their son Caleb and attend Dallas Bible Church where Aaron serves as the lead pastor.

On today’s episode of Speak Life, Kat talks openly about how much her capacity has changed since losing her father to suicide in 2017. She shares how she is learning to navigate a new normal in her life today and how exhausting grief can be. Kat openly shares the ways she is seeking help in her own life as she battles her own journey with depression and navigating voices in her mind that seek to steal her joy. She speaks boldly about why she thinks it is so important that we ALL seek to find the help we need as we walk through this journey of life. 

In her new book, No More Holding Back, Kat does a brilliant job of unpacking why she thinks Jesus was one of the first people to be FOR women and why her mission statement is to invite people to just look at the scriptures again. I love her passion for the Word of God and her desire to bring untold, unseen and unknown characters within the Bible to life. She helps us see people the way I believe Jesus did!

Kat gives me hope that anyone who has been hurt due to the misuse of scripture can be healed and that there is a better way to understand Jesus – a better way to see people, to love people, and to experience God’s love here on earth.

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