In today’s episode of Speak Life, I’m talking with my friend Nicole Zasowski who I met through the internet! Nicole is a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, and speaker based in the state of Connecticut where she lives with her husband, son and will soon be joined by their second son who is scheduled to arrive this fall!. As an old soul who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve, Nicole loves using her words to help others find enduring peace and joy outside of circumstance. In addition to her private practice in Greenwich, CT, she serves as a therapist at the Hideaway Experience – a 4-day marriage intensive experience. Nicole is also excited to announce that her new book, From Lost to Found: Giving up what you think you want for what will set you free will be published in January 2020 and is now available for pre-order!


During our conversation, Nicole shares what it was like for her to accept that she using perfectionism and overachieving to cover deeper feelings of inadequacy and self-worth. Nicole shares how those feelings even played into her trying to perform for God in an effort to try outrun the pain she experienced in the wake of multiple miscarriages. She shares what it was like for her to accept that she wasn’t personally putting into practice the very work she was challenging her clients to step into and walk us through what the work of changing that looked like. She shares about her healing process, her messy relationship with hope, and the many ways she has learned to walk in freedom while also rewiring the neuropathways that were causing her to believe lies about herself.  Nicole also shares how interacting pain cycles impacted her marriage and the ways her parenting has changed as she has grown along her own healing journey. 

We cover a lot in this episode and I pray it is an encouragement wherever you are today.




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