Today’s conversation is with my dear friend Vivian Mabuni. Our hearts connected over a short but sweet conversation that we shared about the importance of interior design and the creative power of working in a space that is quiet, inviting and harmonious. This heart to heart with Vivian is what opened the door and ultimately led us to share this deep and powerful conversation that we get to share with you today. 

Vivian lives in California with her husband, puppy and their children who are 26, 21, and 17. She is a national speaker and author with a passion to disciple leaders who will love God and influence families, communities, and the world to help spread the flourishing of God’s kingdom in every place. With 30 years serving on staff with Cru, Viv loves teaching about the Bible and practical application to ministry and life. Author of “Warrior In Pink” and “Open Hands, Willing Heart,” and host of the brand new podcast “Someday Is Here,” Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 28 years, Darrin, and marveling at their three young adult kids. She also loves post-its, washi tape,  sushi and shoes. 

Vivian taught me so much during our conversation, leaving me empowered to keep learning more about what role I play in the conversation around culture and inclusion today. She shares what it looks like to live as a minority in western culture, how the idea of “collective over individual” is part of her Asian DNA and even breaks down the elements of her birth name and what role they play in her life today. 

Vivian does an amazing job of helping us understand how we can come together and honor the unique and beautiful differences that are apart of all of our cultures of origin while encouraging us to lean in and learn from people who see the world through a different set of values or beliefs. 


One of my favorite things about Vivian is that she lives life with open arms, looking for ways to include others and she is someone I feel so thankful to learn from as I navigate what feels overwhelming to me at times when it comes to the complex conversations and realities surrounding racism today. I am thankful for her voice, her wisdom and her willingness to walk towards the hard conversations needed to help create change. 

My hope is that you will also walk away from our conversation feeling inspired and encouraged to engage more conversations like this one in your own life!

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