This week Dave and I brought a whole new meaning to keeping things ‘real and raw’ on Speak Life. It’s episode two of “Covid Reflections” and we are processing some of the nitty-gritty elements in our life and one super big decision we made in the wake of 2020. 

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows us or has been listening to Speak Life that Dave and I process things through very different lenses and points of view.  He keeps his engineer hat on with a more step by step method of processing.  I, on the other hand, work through everything with deep empathy and “feel” my way through every possible scenario.  Paired together, these methods are often the perfect recipe for a marital processing disaster! This conversation is real-time processing at it’s best, so enjoy being a fly on the wall as we talk through our thoughts and emotions as we dissect the process we walked through leading up to the decision to homeschool our kids this fall. 

A super fun part of this process was rediscovering our shared value for adventure and realizing the desire to impart that value to our kids. In the wake of so much change this year, one blessing we have experienced is an awareness of recommitment to raise our children with a bent towards stretching themselves and engaging life with an open heart, a value we have become increasingly aware is best learned through example. This recommitment and rediscovery ultimately led us to make a BIG decision and purchase over the summer as we realigned our hearts and time to match the values and beliefs we hold as a family. It’s actually a decision that might lead us into homeschooling longer than just this fall!

As I’ve said before, even though we are weathering the same storm of COVID19 our individual experiences throughout this season have been shaped by our own unique life journeys. As you listen in today, I hope you will find time to ponder on some of the ways your story and life experiences have impacted your experience throughout COVID19 and possibly even rediscover a few dreams that have resurfaced in the face of this pandemic.




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