Looking back at my life, some of the most transformational moments I have experienced have come through a change in my perspective. Many of which have come from either personal experience or from a tender moment when someone else has been vulnerable enough to give me a front-row seat of the world from their point of view. This week, I’m excited to give you that same opportunity as my friend Lindsey Nobles shares her experience navigating COVID as a single woman living in Nashville, TN. In comparison to the conversation Dave and I shared last week hashing out married life, four kids, and communication in the midst of a pandemic, it is a beautiful reminder of why seeing through a broader lens is so important for us all. 

A natural connector, social justice advocate, world traveler, nature lover and the BEST dog mom ever, Lindsey lives a life that reflects the values and priorities she holds dear. Vice President of Marketing for Onsite, the world-wide leader in personal growth and therapeutic workshops, Lindsey is committed to pursuing life transformation encompassed by emotional growth and mental health. Today Lindsey shares how her journey of life transformation and emotional growth has prepared her to withstand the challenges and setbacks she has faced throughout the pandemic with courage and a perspective of hope.

Her professional reputation precedes her as someone who is highly capable of developing and building organizations from the ground up and her resume is stacked with work experience across non-profit and ministry sectors. As successful as her professional life has been, Lindsey says her truest joy and fulfillment have been found in slowing down and identifying the dreams and passions within her own heart. Today she shares her experience of walking through professional burnout and the work she has done to learn what is hers to control and what she needs to let go of. A posture she says has served her well in the face of a 180-degree change with programming at Onsite during the first few months of COVID. 

One of the big things we talked about was how Lindsey has chosen to engage in life with her married friends. She brings SO much wisdom to the table around building healthy relationships with people in different phases and seasons of life, including the importance of really knowing what you want and need out of a friendship. Lindsey also shares a really exciting decision in her own life, one she knows will create new opportunities to invite her friends, married and unmarried, to walk alongside and support her in new and tangible ways. Our conversation encouraged me to have more intentional conversations and I hope it will do the same for you!

Walking into Thanksgiving next week, I find myself reflecting on the gratitude I feel for friends of mine like Lindsey who are willing to open up and help me see the world from a different point of view. As you walk into next week, I challenge you to think about someone who might live life a little differently than you and explore the ways you too can build bridges between your hearts in order to bring more peace, harmony and healing to the world around us!


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