This week’s conversation is with my dear friend, Jenn Jett Barrett. Founder of Camp Well, Jenn is a dreamer, a doer and a champion of risk takers who has been a powerful voice in my life and helped push beyond my fears and find confidence to step towards my dreams. 

Jenn spends her life unleashing women to co-labor for the Kingdom by finding clarity, confidence and freedom. She does this through The Well Summit which exists to create safe spaces & experiences for women who sit in the tension of feeling too much and not enough. 

Today, Jenn shares what her “journey of simplifying” has taught her over the last few years. She shares how the first forty years of her life were spent striving to find her worth in what she did, and how in the last six years that view has drastically shifted as she has slowed down and found confidence in who she is outside of what she does. A space so many of us are navigating as we sit in the tension of this global slowdown we are navigating together.

Jenn shares about the brokenness and betrayal she walked through in her first marriage and the work she has done to find emotional healing and restored identity. She shares how walking through grief, and learning to forgive helped her understand and fully embrace that although her marriage had failed, she was NOT a failure. Jenn says, “Her journey has been a story she never would have chosen, but one she would never trade,” and listening today, I think you will understand why.

Today, Jenn lives an incredibly abundant life in Northwest Arkansas where she is married to her best friend, Rhett! Another story of redemption and love that will absolutely blow your mind! You get to hear A LOT about that today and how intimate decisions they made during their dating served to help rebuild and restore Jenn’s heart along the way. 

Wherever you find yourself right now, I hope that this conversation will remind you that there is purpose in the slow down and that healing is possible on the other side of the pain. 

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