I’m excited to share today’s conversation with my friend, Jessica Honegger! Founder and Co-CEO of Noonday Collection, Jessica calls Austin, Texas home where she lives with her husband Joe and their three growing kiddos, Amelie, Holden, and Jack. She is a social justice advocate who is passionate about empowering Artisans and entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities around the world by creating dignified work opportunities.  A lover of both international travel adventures and quiet nights at home with her family, Jessica is someone who has learned the importance of incorporating “Yes.. AND” in her life. She is committed to helping people discover their own passions, boldly take chances, and to use their own voice and talents to change the world for the better. 

Today, Jessica talks with us about motherhood, marriage and entrepreneurship. She opens up about what it was like to start a business with 3 kids under the age of 5 and the journey she’s walked to unwind the narrative of shame she carried as a working mom. She shares how working with women around the globe has radically shifted her perspective, and helped her acknowledge the privilege she has been given to actually have the opportunity to be “a working mom.” Embracing that has helped her realize her work is a gift to herself, her children and to families around the globe.  

One of my favorite parts of the conversation is when Jessica shares her journey of unpacking the “stereotypes” around marriage, and how she and Joe are learning to embrace their individual strengths in order to better serve one another and meet the needs of their family. It’s beautiful hearing what she has learned watching Joe thrive as a leader, and the freedom they have found in honoring each other’s strengths to create the best possible environment for their family unit. A journey that has led their family to embrace a new “norm” within their home, where Joe ultimately plays the role she always imagined she would fill, while Jessica travels the globe empowering other women and men to find purpose embracing their own unique stories too! 

Jessica shares what she has learned about building community and the important role it has played in her life. It’s a big part of the reason her company, Noonday Collection, even started! In her book, “Imperfect Courage,” she invites readers to “live a life of purpose by leaving comfort and going scared.” Something I witness Jessica continually do. Her podcast “Going Scared” is one of my favorites as she continues to explore what it means to live a life of meaning and purpose. I hope you’ll walk away from listening to her story today inspired to show up for your life too! Just remember, whether you’re in the trenches of motherhood or running a successful Fortune 500 company, your voice and story matter! 

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