Today on the show, you get to hear from my dear friend, Lindsey Wheeler! Wife to Chris and mama to Eliana, Lindsey and her family reside in Franklin, Tennessee with their precious service dog Wilson. Lindsey will be the first to tell you that her family has had their share of trials and losses. I have a feeling her story is going to resonate with many of you, as we find ourselves in quarantine and the tension of living in isolation is mounting daily.  

Lindsey shares how shortly after adopting her daughter from Guatemala, she quickly realized something was wrong. Eliana had endured severe trauma before being adopted and was now dealing with extreme challenges. Lindsey explains how providing support to her child meant very hard sacrifices. To allow Eliana’s brain to heal and grow, Lindsey would have to make big changes, many of which restricted them to rarely leaving their house. 

Amidst learning how to parent a daughter with severe trauma, Lindsey started battling chronic pain, leaving her bedridden on most days. After years of tests, specialists and countless misdiagnosis, Lindsey ultimately learned that she was living with Lyme Disease, something that still impacts her still to this day. 

Lindsey shares a pivotal moment in her life when she realized that she was living out of a belief that she had nothing to offer. She says debunking that lie radically impacted her world and birthed the vision for her company, Bottle of Tears. She now uses her story of long-suffering to reach others in the midst of their pain by sending curated gifts of comfort and HOPE! If you have ever been tempted to disqualify yourself from the race or felt like your voice didn’t matter, I know this conversation will encourage you. 

Through the many struggles Lindsey has faced, her determination and faith have been unwavering. One of my favorite parts of our conversation is when Lindsey talks about her time at Onsite. She didn’t even realize she needed a space to work through “all of her junk” until some dear friends gifted her a week of personal development and healing. She explains how this was a time of huge restoration for her soul, walking out with strength she never knew she had. She says the healing she experienced there is something that could only come from God.  

Lindsey is proof that there is joy in the long-suffering, and that just because your story doesn’t look how you expected, doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t have value or your story doesn’t have a purpose. Lindsey is one of the most loving, gracious and caring people I know, if I could take a lesson from her, it would be to spend less time focusing on my struggle and more time learning how to serve others OUT OF that struggle. I believe you will feel the same when you hear the ways she has endured and found purpose and JOY along the way!

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