Hey y’all, WELCOME BACK! I am really excited about what is in store for you in the upcoming weeks! To kick things off, I’m in the hot seat this week, while my good friend, Jenn Jett Barrett switches places with me as this week’s host!

Many of you reached out and asked for me to share more of my personal story, so that is exactly what we do on this week’s episode.  We talk about a lot of things and you get a front-row look at the struggles and fears I’m working on in my daily life right now.  I share how this podcast came about, what it was like growing up in a home with five brothers, and how being raised in a homeschooling community, during my formative years, shaped a big portion of my worldview growing up. It was while attending church in that community that I became very inquisitive and developed a desire to understand people who viewed the world differently than I did. This experience is what has led me to believe that curiosity is the birthplace of becoming a good listener and a good question asker! 

I share how growing up in a pretty black and white, wrong or right environment pushed me to ask questions and explore the spaces between what I was told was true and what I experienced to be true in my own life. Turning the corner on my mid-thirties, it is humbling to see how the very experiences I once longed to root out of my story have become such pivotal elements in who I am today. 

We talk about feeling hurt by the church, and the struggles I am still working out as I navigate what church means in my life today.  It was humbling to share how my faith journey has evolved and my understanding of God has changed throughout the years… a journey I have come to love instead of fear. I share what parenting is teaching me right now and the many insights my children have and continue to give me daily! 

I share a little bit about the death of my father when I was 27 and why the grief that I live with on a day to day basis has become one of my most cherished possessions. Knowing I am not promised tomorrow is a beautiful gift that I’ve been given through grief and one that I am constantly trying to lean into with intention and purpose. 

My hope is that you will walk away from our conversation with a better understanding of why this podcast exists and maybe a little insight into how REAL and RAW stories have impacted the person I am today and why I think they can also impact you!  I believe we each hold the power to speak life into people around us and my hope is that you walk away feeling loved and that I’ve spoken LIFE into you today!




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